Mark 16:5-12 in Codex Alexandrinus
Mark 16:8-12 in Codex Bezae
Mark 16:7-10 in Codex Delta
Mark 16:8-10 in Codex Washingtoniensis
Mark 16:6-9 in Codex Regius (L), with the
Shorter Ending and notes between 16:8 and 16:9
Mark 16:19-20 in Codex Regius (L), followed by the
closing-title and the beginning of a list of chapter-
titles of the Gospel of Luke.
Mark 16:2-9 in Old Latin Codex Monacensis.
A scrawled note identifies 16:9 as the beginning
of the reading for a feast-day.
Armenian MS Matenadaran 2374, displaying an
interlinear rubric between Mk. 16:8 and 16:9,
"Aristou eritzou." The text continues on the next
two pages, concluding at the end of 16:20.
Mark 16:8-11 in Codex Psi (Psi, 044), with the
Shorter Ending and a note between 16:8 and 16:9.
To the left of the beginning of 16:9 is a note to alert
the lector to the beginning of a morning reading
(Mark 16:9-20 was the third of eleven "Heothina"

Mk. 16:17-20 in Latin, from Harley MS 1775,
produced in the late 500's.